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Mood: Celebratory

Currently, 2 things will get me all pumped up, camera ready and trigger happy - doll gatherings, and Chinese New Year. Don't get me wrong, I am most definitely still dollaholic. (Need no therapy thank you. The dolls ARE the therapy. Heh!) But life is sometimes about juggling priorities.

Anyway, without further ado....

Blessed Chinese New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful time of celebration with your families!

To all my friends celebrating CNY ...

To all my friends celebrating CNY ...

One of last year's CNY poster girl is back with her sister, to rev up the Chinoise! Pepper finally makes an appearance together with Lilith, to join me in sending out our heartiest wishes to everyone celebrating the Chinese New Year.

In real life, DS takes Lilith's place to do the Gong Xi gesture, and I'll be trotting beside him with the mandarin oranges. Lots of mandarin oranges.

Much needed rest and family time

Hoarding all the goodies for herself

Happily indulging in Chinese New Year festivities for the past few days. ^^

But I've finally turned on *the office laptop* .....

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Blessed Chinese New Year!

My bunnies would like to wish everyone a blessed and joyous Chinese New Year! 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. Bucks teeth are still out, but long ears are definitely IN.


In need of a hug


Feeling down ... about people.


Somewhat of an update ...

It has been a roller coaster adventure since my last post. A huge milestone and major adjustments. 2010 ended. 2011 begun. Laughter and tears really. Generally, it has been a wild and crazy ride. But never forgetting to put all my weight and lean hard on His grace! Simply can't afford not to. =)

Looking forward to a 2011 year of the crowning of His favour, goodness and abundance. Amen.

Blythe Photo Contest 2010

The Blythe Photo Contest finalists are out! Again, there are entries that leave me scratching my head and wondering hmm, how did they make the cut? But there are also those that make me go "That's clever!" I suppose having a spectrum is good after all eh? If every photo was as great the next, I suppose, it'd be so difficult to vote! Here are my favourite 7, in their entry number order.

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Gathering @ Botanic Gardens

Pretty girls!
A whole bunch of pretty girls made their way to the the beautiful Botanic Gardens. ^^

Birdie in the tree
Birdie in the tree! My fav shot and angle of the day. Gilian is decked out in a fabulously adorable outfit by Jaszmade & Violet Pie.

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My Mini-me

My Mini-me

I don't even have a mini-me (yet), but Qara has got hers. And she is the ONLY Blythe in the family with a mini-me. Oh the privilege of being a Sunday Best - all the best things go to her!

The froggy mini-ddung was a bday pressie from my dolly pal. (Thank you so much A!) And I just knew Qara was going to lay claim to the frogilicious cutie!

I've had a gazilion plans to do a mini-me. But let's see when these plans will be dusted off the mouldy mental shelves they have been languishing on.


More Pepper love

Pepper blows a kiss
Pepper blows a minty fresh kiss, and dreams of stars and unicorns at night.

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